Disposable Endoscopic Instruments

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Disposable Endoscopic Instruments

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The Disposable Hot Biopsy Forcepsisad is posable device for collecting polypsor tissues using high-frequency current during endoscopic procedures.
Features Benefits
Various Lineup - Various cup size, open length 5.0mm/7.0mm
- Two types for Gastro and Colon
Shape of Cup - Perfect incision, Minimal bleeding
Minimum electrical resistance - Excellent electrical performance makes excellent cutting performance.
No. Product Name Working Length(mm) Cup
Tooth Type Open length(mm)
1 CORE Hotbiopsy 1,600(Gastro) w/o Tooth 5.0/7.0
2 CORE Hotbiopsy 2,300(Colon) w/o Tooth 5.0/7.0

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