Disposable Endoscopic Instruments

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Disposable Endoscopic Instruments

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The Disposable endoscope Clip is a disposable device for hemostasis of submucousor mucous membrane, bleeding ulcer, polyps, arteries and diverticula in the colon.
Features Benefits
Rapid hemostatic effect by
grasping opening site
- It can be used immediately without connection with fixing device
High clipping pressure - Clipping force is strong and enough to stop the bleeding
Convenient function - Re-openable
- Rotatable clipping head
No. Product Name Sheath Clip
O.D.(mm) W/Length Open Length
1 Core-Clip 2.1 1,600 11
2 Core-Clip 2.1 1,600 14
3 Core-Clip 2.1 2,300 11
4 Core-Clip 2.1 2,300 14

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