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Produced form natural derived crustacean, Convert it into Chitosan, which has great hemostatic effect
※ No allergic reactions as protein components are completely removed


Type Gauze
Model No. IC-HB3008 IC-HB3024 IC-HB3040 IC-HB3079 IC-HB3118 IC-HB3146
Size(cm) 7.5 x 20 7.5 x 20 7.5 x 100 7.5 x 200 7.5 x 300 7.5 x 370
Package 1pc / Bag 3pcs / Bag 1pc / Bag 1pc / Bag 1pc / Bag 1pc / Bag

Hemostasis Mechanism

· Positive charge of chitosan contacts blood cells with negative charge to attract blood cells

· Accelerates hemostatic effect by coagulation of platelets

· Promotes clotting reaction of blood to form fibrins

How to use

1. Clean around wounded site

2. Open bag to use dressing and contact on the wounded site for a couple of minutes of compression to control bleeding. The dressing can be trimmed in necessary shapes

3. For removal of used dressings, pour gently sterilized saline water to eliminate residues on applied site

4. Wet dressing becomes gel-like, it helps easy removal of residues and prevention of 2nd bleeding on wounded site.


BCI (Blood Clotting Index)

Anti-bacterial Activity

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