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Intended Use

Hycudy is a first aid spray for burns. the hydrogel dressing is first sprayed, and then the crosslinking agent is sprayed secondly to help fix the liquid solution to the wound. By applying the product to the wounds site, it cools the heat of the burned area, protects the wound, and creates an environment to help the wound heal.

Features and Benefits

1. It can be applied to curved and wide areas of body.

2. It promotes wound healing and relieves pain, so it is suitable for the initial emergency treatment of burns.

3. It can maximize wound healing and regeneration effects.

4. It has a cooling effect on burns.

5. The second spray makes a protective film on the skin to protect the burns area.

How to use

1.Open the product package and take out the sprays.

2. Shake the product well.

3. Set up the 1​st​ spray at 5cm from the wound and press the spray button.

4. Keep the wound area horizontally so that the 1​st​ spray liquid does not flow down.

5. Set up the 2​nd​ spray at 5cm from the wound and press the spray button.

6. After those two sprays are sufficiently crosslinked, a film is formed.

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