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Core-NA Extraction Kit
Core-NA Extraction Kit


The CORE-NA Extraction Kit allows rapid extraction viral DNA/RNA with high-yield from

various samples including plasma, serum, other cell-free body fluids and virus-infected cell/tissue.

The Kit uses silica-gelmembrane column for rapid and effective purification of DNA or RNA. Proteins and

other contaminants are removed through washing steps, and the RNA is isolated and eluted in the final elution step.

The purified DNA/RNA is free of contaminants and impurities. This kit can be used for the rapid preparation of nucleic acids for molecular diagnostics using conventional and real-time PCR/RT-PCR.


1. Preliminary operation methods provided for various samples with consumables.

   (Collection Tube, Spin Column, Micro centrifuge Tube)

2. Stable extraction of DNA/RAN from various pathogenic samples.

3. Adequate for sample extraction such as forensic medicine, diagnosis of diseases and etc.

4. It can be used without the need to add ethanol.


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